Shtuff People Say to Photographers
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25 Responses to “Shtuff People Say to Photographers”

  1. Don’t ever leave me, photoshop.

  2. My life. XD

  3. Hahaha that would be cool 😀

  4. I never heard of it referred to by any particular name. It’s always been “shallow depth of field” to me. Well, now I know.

  5. benandtinagilbert Reply July 10, 2012 at 8:16 pm

    what the fuck are you talking about. that isnt even related to what I am talking about I never said I was giving shit away

  6. Yeah, wish there was magic like that 😉

    I am a level 33 photographer (like being a freemason) I can make stunning photo in the dark at f8/500sec/iso200 with a $50 lens.

    Then we wouldn’t have to deal with riff raff ;)

  7. that sounds like arrogant kids that don’t actually understand photography. I know a ton of photographers that can whip my tail with a cell phone. It has very little to do with the camera. A boss camera makes it easier to do what you want, but it doesn’t impart talent.

    Ansel Adams could have made amazing photos with an iPhone.

  8. being a dick is something that affects all kinds of people, photogs are not dicks, some dicks are photogs.

  9. Herpaderp I am an internet commenter on youtube herpaderp, I am not an idiot.

  10. Yes the good ones can make the image, when everything is conspiring against the photographer.

    That is the difference between a photographer and a camera button clicker.

  11. wow, angry much?

    This is a joke, stuff is annoying, so you make jokes about it.

    Doing portrait photography is 80% personal relationship, 20% photography related.

    You clearly don’t actually work in photo or anything related to working with people or you would understand this.

  12. The user I replied to made it seem as though they “know how to” take a great photo in low light without needing a great camera. I was merely challenging that statement.

  13. If you are a working photographer, you would have the equipment needed to do the job, or you wouldn’t have taken the job.

    That is what makes it a job, you are committing to producing what your customer is paying you for, as opposed to showing up with a camera. (among many other things)

    Just like the NFL is different from 10 folks playing football at a picnic.

  14. Bokeh been around as long as lenses.

  15. You need to think about people that don’t want to pay you for your work as people who don’t value you work. I can find a hundred people that would let me do 10 hours of work a day for them for free, who cares about those people, they are worth what they pay you, nothing. If they bad mouth you to other people who aren’t going to pay you who cares, it is not business lost, because there is no income.

  16. Wait, you are “selling a package” of photography services and you are not charging?? You will never get work giving your work away. If you give it away, why would anyone ever pay you?

  17. You know shooting jobs for free makes it harder for people who actually look to make a living at photography to do so. If you intend to work in the industry, if there is one when you are ready, you probably should rethink “shooting for free”. If you want to keep it as a hobby, please be aware of the fact that people do it for a living, and think about how you would feel if your boss if your boss came in one day and said “you’re fired, we found someone that will do this job for free”

  18. “Can you not show my turkey neck?”
    “Can you not make my elbows look fat?”

  19. Brilliant!

  20. You know we’re all just suffering from camera envy. 😉

  21. Note to self: Do not say these things to a photographer 😛

  22. Saddly I created the idea in my head that that guy is a total douche.!

  23. Pretty good, but you forgot one:
    “Oh wait, did I… did I blink?”

  24. APOLLODEMOPOLOUS Reply July 11, 2012 at 6:10 am

    sooooooo anoying. period.

  25. Did you get it?

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