Controversial sleeping baby photographs?

Photographs of sleeping babies by photographer Tracy Raver. Tracy’s appearance on the Today Show: Tracy’s Web Site ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************** How you doin’?
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25 Responses to “Controversial sleeping baby photographs?”

  1. I think this video is lovely.I know they are posed after sleeping according to the description,but,really quite naturally so,as if in the womb…..imagine the positions they get up to in that small space ! lol .I seem to be drawn more to their expressions in a lot of the pictures and they look so peaceful and comfy ……I miss the tiny baby stage,gone too quickly.

  2. Cutie babies and great pikkies, loved it!

  3. Actually, it is controversial. Babies are supposed to sleep on their backs and these images give the wrong images to mothers.

  4. Cute! They are cutest when sleeping!

  5. These are amazing!

  6. very nice photos and baby r beautiful and handsome

  7. I don’t think they are controversial…these photos are composites…I am also a photographer and they don’t really hang a baby in a hammock or place them in bowls with legs and arms hanging out, these are composed of two photos combined.

  8. The hanging ones are the controversial ones…..the baby could be in danger. Unless you see the set up…they usually look more scary than they are (mom’s and lot’s of cushions underneath or someone holding them and then photoshopped out.

  9. I think the poster was confused about these being “conroversial”. These babies are actually SLEEPING. The controversial pics are the ones of babies “BORN SLEEPING” aka, dead. I did have a baby who was born sleeping and I am forever grateful to the photographer who came in and took pics of her. Pictures of our little angels keeps them “real” as once gone, nobody ever wants to talk about them anymore or acknowledge that they ever existed.

  10. lmbo they probably vote too

  11. What’s so controversial about this?

  12. I don’t know where some of you people came to the conclusion that these babies are dead. I know this photographer and she takes amazing pictures of newborns. Any of the poses where the babies head is propped up or hanging in a sling were supported by a spotter and then the hands were photo shopped out. This photographer is very particular about safety.

  13. awwww makes me smile 🙂

  14. it tells ya who the Artist is :B.B. KING

  15. they’re not.

  16. time to ask if my mom put me inside a fucking sock to take an infant picture

  17. AWWW HOGWASH! Go wash your hog!

  18. Actually, Eric Clapton is the first voice you hear.

  19. And how is this controversial? They’re not dead…DUH. They’re ASLEEP. I’m a newborn photographer and believe me, we take the utmost care in protecting the babies we photograph. That means everything from trimming our nails so we don’t scratch baby, to using assistants to hold baby and then Photoshopping their hands out to create a composite image. That is what any of the “controversial” images are made of. If you Google “newborn photography safety,” you’ll see how these shots are created.

  20. They are dead babies

  21. “controversial”? How so? They’re simply great photographs.

  22. MMmmmm i think the problem with the people who dont like these images are maybe the ones who wish they had thought of the idea
    or can not produce such wonderful images as these

  23. how could anyone dislike this? those 27 must be hate sunshine, flowers and unicorns becus this is beyond magic n beauty

  24. I want to stand on their heads and bounce. Little noisy poop machines.

  25. I agree, I dont see anything wrong at all with these pictures. Theyre not exploitive, or dangerous. I cant imagine the parents or the photographer…or anyone in the vacinity would allow it to happen if it were. And youre correct, the danger lays within people trying to do these pictures at home. If anyone could do this…her picts, and anne gettys wouldnt be so famous.

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