Low Light Photography | Light Painting | Canon 600D 18-55mm | Lumix LX5 | Slow Shutter Speed

Some low light & some light-painting photographs i took with my Canon 600D / Rebel T3i and my Lumix LX5. Both are great cameras,ofcourse the lx5 is a lot smaller, and the 600d delivers better image quality, especially in movie-mode. I put some EPIC music in the background, lol. if you enjoyed…
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25 Responses to “Low Light Photography | Light Painting | Canon 600D 18-55mm | Lumix LX5 | Slow Shutter Speed”

  1. You should put your camera on Manual (‘M’).. Put the ISO at the lowest value, aperture somewhere from f/8.0 to f/22.0.. Now pick a shutter speed and make the photo, and check how you like the exposure when the pic is finished..If it’s underexposed use a even longer shutter speed, if its overexposed the other way around. keep repeating this process untill you have your shot! you should always use a steady tripod for long exposure shots.

  2. where would i go on my camera to mess with the shutter speed?

  3. you should use a slower shutter speed (long exposure) , for example 15 or 30 seconds. keep your ISO as low as possible, and you will need a (steady) tripod.. even a small shake will mess up the shot!

  4. How do you capture like that ??

  5. hi, i cant say, i never had any of my shots printed.. might do in the future..

  6. Does it cost a lot to have the photos developed at the shop?

  7. very true, prime lenses are super sharp, and 1.8.. always good 🙂 never buy the canon 18-55 IS lens!! its too expensive (almost L-lens price) and it’s -relatively- just a poor built.. also the sigma 17-50 f/2.8 HSM OS beats it’s ass, while being a lot cheaper, (about 600Eur) seen a lot of videos on it lately since i was buying one of them.. bought the sigma obv 🙂

  8. @lifeartpixels The 50mm f1.8 is a great lens, which i gonna buy next, but it is cheaper than the 18-55mm IS II ;D

  9. the cheapest of cheap, 18-55mm kitlens 🙂 I just uploaded a slow mo vid made with a canon 50mm f/1.8 lens btw..

  10. What lens did you use on the canon for these?

  11. Stunning! Magnificat shots

  12. Fucking epic music!

  13. thank u!

  14. just keep up the good work bc your sh*t is cool

  15. yea i know what u mean, i might take ur advice.. was planning on swapping it sooner or later anyway

  16. hey, like i said…this video is very creative. really cool stuff that i respect. but yeah, maybe swap the track with something more…i donno, it’s your project, my man.

  17. lol, i like your honesty! i thoughd this track made it kinda epic.. but maybe something different would work as well.. 🙂

  18. cool video, coulda done without the depressing ass fucking track, though. godamn…

  19. song name is Requiem For A Dream by Lux Aeterna

  20. the canon 600d or lumix lx5? this movie contains photos from both! i dont know the name of the song

  21. cool
    i have this camera,
    can u give me the link for the song? xD

  22. @murshid1988 well, depends on what’s you longest exposure possible on your camera! If you can make it up to for example 1 hour, shoot star trails. Lower exposure speeds (10 to 60 seconds) can get you nice traffic or water/reflection shots! A highway next to a lake or something would be perfect for some of your first shots. You will encounter the following problem: how to focus when everything is black?:)

  23. I understand. Currently I own a Sony DSC-W310. Can u give some ideas to have a light painting for a longer period of time

  24. thanks! im uploading a new video with new shots taken with my Canon 600D! ready in an hour or so. Well, if you want to get a bit serious with photography, skip Sony and choose Canon or Nikon. The sensor of Sony DSLR’s is often much smaller than the sensor in a canon or nikon. sensor size is very important.

  25. leave it. Yeah I like them. Nice work buddy. I love photography. Also wanna know how to this in a digital camera (i.e Sony’s Cyber Shot series)? I don’t own a DSLR now.

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