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Total Lunar Eclipse Saturday December 10, 2011. A Total Lunar Eclipse is this Saturday, December 10, 2011. I can’t wait to see it! All info is below and all info will update but live cams are available! Story below LIVE CAM FEEDS! WATCH IT LIVE BELOW EVERYONE! Hong Kong India North Dakota, USA Nevada ______ My main channel is ENJOY! Thanks for watching! =) Megan ­čÖé AMAZING Total Lunar Eclipse Saturday December 10, 2011 Total Lunar Eclipse Saturday December 10 2011 10th live moon earth earths video photos pictures picture photo Photograph Pic Photography Slideshow Image Shots
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  1. Holla awesome vid girl n no I’m not a boy this is my dads lame ass name witch is boyd my name is alexandre Corentos if you wanna´╗┐ talk to a girl who wants to be your friend my number is 330 623 1236 bye =)

  2. The808mauigirl808 Reply August 1, 2012 at 4:55 am

    omg this was my´╗┐ b-day

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  4. im not trying to be a duchebag i just overly sensitive with all the shit this gal takes from people. sorry bought that i no try to be prick. Just like this other comment “What a stupid retard!!!!!What´╗┐ a waste of´╗┐ video” and this one “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING TO!?!

    Make a point´╗┐ and sound like your talking to your viewers or gtfo!” pissed me off, so i was in a bad mood

  5. i jacked off to this video…..

  6. you are soooo weird !! but I like this, I think the weirdness of your videos makes your channel´╗┐ interesting

  7. Please Meg, PLEASE!!´╗┐ – Bring your boobs back!!
    Although your lunarecplipse toungue is so red, I mean great. Period.

  8. just shut up and show the eclipse…. i dont´╗┐ want your discusting kisses.. eww

  9. The1awesome2guy3 Reply August 1, 2012 at 8:28 am

    I´╗┐ saw it! It was like at 10ish australia

  10. HarleyHernandez1993 Reply August 1, 2012 at 9:08 am

    Hey hey you´╗┐ said face kiss not tounge all over my face… Haha

  11. yeah……..nice´╗┐ lunar eclipse!!!!!!!!!!! >:|

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    Make a point and sound like your talking to your viewers or´╗┐ gtfo!

  18. I saw the eclipse on saturday night.
    Australia fuck yeah! ´╗┐


  20. GET ON WITH´╗┐ IT!

  21. XanderellaCheryl Reply August 1, 2012 at 2:43 pm

    she looks like´╗┐ miley cyrus o.O

  22. Compared to your many other videos. This one was really quite good, because you did not jump to conclusions about things you may not know about. And most of all, because you´╗┐ were so much more yourself! Please keep that up.

  23. thumbs up if ur looking at the lunar eclipse RIGHT NOW on sunday 12/11/11 around the´╗┐ time of 6:09pm-6:30pm!

  24. rofl´╗┐ ­čśë

  25. TeamWithoutHonor Reply August 1, 2012 at 4:12 pm


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