Best Photography / Camera Apps for the iPhone

In this video I’m going to show you my favorite photography applications for the iPhone. I’m using the iPhone 4S, and since it’s last generations, the iPhone has been a great camera for the average user, even more with the iPhone 4S. This cloud easily replace most point and shoots. Hopefully these apps will help your nice looking pictures, even better. Camera+: Big Lens: 360: Photogene2: ————————- LINKS- Website Google+ Twitter Facebook ——————————– Best Photography Apps for the iPhone Best Photography Apps for the iPhone Best Photography Apps for the iPhone Tags: iPhone “iPhone camera” 8MP 5MP video “film making” photography cinema “iPhone video apps” “iPhone photography apps” “best photography apps” camera+ “Big Lens” Photogene2 “360 panorama” “digital camera” “canon dslr” “street photography” sunset “california Apple Panasonic”
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25 Responses to “Best Photography / Camera Apps for the iPhone”

  1. Camwow (‘for the iPhone’ or ‘retro’) is another great photography app!

  2. farrokhfaramarzi Reply July 11, 2012 at 6:14 am

    I was looking for a good camera apps, thanks for your help, that was very nice…

  3. does anyone else get that virginy vibe i know i do.

  4. Thank man

  5. thumbs up for Camera Zoom FX =D lol

  6. do you know the best app for HDR photo?

  7. nice

  8. Thanks uploader my phone is jailbroken so I got all the apps free except the photojene2 so u got me this time apple u got me this time…. Lol

  9. Nice! Found the big lens app useful 🙂 also liked the victory baby pic thingie for subscribing xD

  10. Hey hit me up on IG so I can check out your feed. 🙂 Sunnbunny on IG 🙂

  11. sorry if i sounded like a dick haha your videos are good to but i thought that was funny

  12. Thanks, hope this helped you out with iPhone photography 😀

  13. Thanks, I really appreciate your support ^_^

  14. well, thanks for that.

  15. i only subscribed cause of your “Y U NO SUBSCRIBE”

  16. Awesome

  17. aliviajaelatimer Reply July 11, 2012 at 2:45 pm

    Really awesome video!

  18. nice video dude i subscribed 🙂

    o and if anyone has IPhone 4 with ios 5 i got a tutorial how 2 jailbreak(semi thethered) and how 2 get free apps 😀

  19. Hey .. thanks for showing these apps. Really like the look of photogene2 for advanced features !
    Have you got a special feature planned for this app ??


  20. canon 550D

  21. what camera did you use to record this video?

  22. I’d recommend the pico dolly 😀

  23. thanks :)

  24. thanks , you too

  25. incase

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