Photography Tips And Tricks For The Average Person

Backup Camera Broke – Here’s the Photo that Did it. Panoramic HDR shot from Phuket, Thailand.
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Well the streak of things breaking during this trip has yet to end. My backup camera (Canon 20D) has officially crapped out on me. Ironically it broke while I was shooting the same landscape scene that busted the shutter on my main camera (Canon 5D MK1).

I have less than 3 weeks left in Thailand before I go back home. All I have left now is my Canon HFS100 camcorder, which takes pretty decent photos for a video camera. But it’s still a camcorder and it lacks the image quality and usability of a professional SLR.

Fortunaelty for me my camcorder can shoot HDR images so look forward to seeing a bunch of HDR shots from my camcorder!

On a side note since both my Canon cameras broke during this trip. I am seriously considering switching to Nikon. It all depends on how Canon’s customer service handles my request. So far their customer service has been pretty good. However, I think that’s because Canon has to provide good service since the quality of their product sucks.

The only fear I have in switching to Nikon is their customer service. I heard it was pretty terrible. So the question I have to all my photography friends out there who use Nikon… Does Nikon’s customer service suck?

Software Used for Processing Photo:
– Used for creating high dynamic range.
Topaz Adjust
– Photoshop plugin used to enhance details.
Topaz DeNoise
– Photoshop plugin used to eliminate noise.
Topaz Clean
Photoshop plugin used to smooth pixels.

When developing your photography skills, you must be able to effectively highlight the subject of every shot. There are a number of tips professional photographers use. The right information will help you create the best photos you can. Follow the tips provided and your pictures will stand out.

The focus-lock feature is an important tool on your camera. A camera usually focuses on what is in the middle of a frame, so this feature can help you make the camera focus on an off-center subject. This is usually done by pressing the shutter button only halfway with your subject in the middle, and then moving your camera so the shot is set up how you want it to be. The camera will take the picture when you push the shutter button all the way down.

You are permitted to move your subject in order to discover a unique shot. Depending on the impression you want to convey, try shooting your subject from different sides or from above and below.

When you finally have a great shot in the viewfinder and are about to push that shutter, be still and hold your breath. Even the slightest movement can destroy a great shot. For the perfect shot, you must take time and focus your energy on getting the perfect view and angle before pressing the shutter button.

When you take pictures of children, sometimes it’s great to let them dictate the action while you relax and go with it. Children are just not designed to sit perfectly still and pose for photos, they prefer to be up and about and running around. Instead, take pictures of a child as he or she plays naturally.


Opt for optical zoom, not digital zoom, when zooming in for a close-up shot. Cameras will usually let you zoom closer and closer optically until the digital zoom takes over. The problem is that this compromises the overall picture quality. Digital zoom tries to add pixels that aren’t actually in the image, which makes the image look strange. You need to study the manual to see how to disable the feature.

Be sure to not lose out on a good photo opportunity because you are messing with the settings. However, you also don’t want to let the camera decide everything for you. Customize your settings to match the kind of pictures you want to take.

If you want to become a serious photographer, you need a dSLR. This digital single lens reflex camera can help you see the subject when you take the photo. The larger the camera’s frame, the better it is for budding photographers. Try a full-frame camera so that you can get the exact images you want.

A tripod is helpful for getting a good shot of a landscape. A tripod allows you to take clear, sharp photos that require a long exposure time without worrying about holding the camera steady. This ability will serve you well in taking great shots, particularly those that are of landscapes.

Though people tend to think that white is a desirable color to wear when having their photograph taken, in reality it is one of the worst. Cameras whose automatic features are enabled will often scan all of the shades and tones that appear in the photo. As a result, the white clothing will look washed out in the photograph.

Photography is meant to capture special moments and memories which can involve people or objects. This should be obvious now based on the list of tips previously given. In order to be a great photographer, it’s going to take lots of research and practice, but once you start seeing those amazing shots coming out, it will be so worth it.

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