Power for passionate photographers – the Canon PowerShot S100 and PowerShot SX40 HS

Designed to provide users with unrivalled control and flexibility, the new PowerShot S100 and PowerShot SX40 HS pack the power of Canon’s industry-leading imaging technologies into compact, versatile bodies to ensure images are delivered in perfect detail. Combining manual control with a host of intuitive and creative features, both models make it easy for users to experiment with different settings, or simply point and shoot for amazing results.

VIVIAN MAIER 1926-2009 vivianmaier.blogspot.com Vivian Maier, a street photographer from the 1950s – 1970s. Vivian’s work was discovered at an auction here in Chicago where she lived for 50 years but was originally a native to France. Her discovered work includes between 30-40000 mostly medium format negatives. Born February 1, 1926 and deceased on Tuesday, April 21, 2009. Slideshow created with DVD slideshow GUI Freeware: dvdslideshowgui.tk
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49 Responses to “Power for passionate photographers – the Canon PowerShot S100 and PowerShot SX40 HS”

  1. ipodskrillexlover15 Reply July 11, 2012 at 3:05 pm

    Canon is really at the top of the line.

  2. hey guys im getting confused of which one im gonna pick. which is better? canon s100 or nikon coolpix s9300 or panasonic lumix dmc lx5? I hope some one can help me

  3. While videoing, the audio noise (a buzzing sound) from the zoom is very noticeable under most conditions. Apparently, it’s the same for the SX30. The SX20 was very quiet. The S100 also seems to pick up noise from the zoom – see other people’s test videos.

  4. freaking got the s95 two months before s100 came out ==”

  5. The Canon SX40 offers “unrivalled [sic] control.” Does it really? Like the ISO 100 limit for shutter speeds slower that 1.3 seconds when shooting in low light? How is that “unrivaled control” when its predecessor, the SX30, and even the current model Canon SX150 – at half the price of the SX40 – do not have that ISO limit?

    The only unrivaled control on the SX40 is the amount of new control that Canon imposed on the camera so that the user is not fully free to use it to its full potential.

  6. bahahaha so awesome that he cuts off the kid, not the elephant.

  7. Just picked up an S100 this morning. I’m absolutely blown away by its controls and build quality!

  8. CelineDionFan4568 Reply July 11, 2012 at 6:45 pm

    the s100 is the best of the two, hands down.

  9. I dunno which compact camera is better.S100 or SX230HS?

  10. Doesn’t change the fact that I’m right, faggot.

  11. nobody cares about your burning question and no one cares whats cheap and whats expensive for you..if u dont have something useful to say, then stfu troll bitch

  12. LukasPhotographie Reply July 11, 2012 at 9:45 pm

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  13. Is their a new version of canon sx40: or one coming out soon?? please message me if you know


  15. Am an architecture student seriously considering the S100. With that architectural photographer recommending it as well, I’m a sucker.

  16. The lens on the S100 seems to be crap.

  17. I respect small Canon cameras, I use Nikon SLR’s

  18. SO the burning question is:

    was this shot the the cameras themselves, or not?

    I think not, I’m seeing tons of shallow DOP that would be beyond these cheapos to produce.

  19. I really like the SX40IS. However, the rolling shutter is shockingly bad. Its the only thing holding me back from buying it. Well that and the lack of a dedicated manual focus control. Great camera all the same.

  20. I picked up the S100 today. It will be a great compliment to the Canon 5d Mark II.

  21. where is the powershot G13 come on Canon I’m waiting !!

  22. I just got myself an S95 which you can now find for under £200 on ebay or amazon (bargain). Tbh the extra features doesn’t justify its near £400 cost. If I were you I would just get myself a cheap S95 which is still brilliant in every way and/or wait for the S105.

  23. im asking the same question…


  25. Yeah just saw the Artist: Emmanuel Bex.

  26. This is a beautiful little journey. Perfect music. Is it Keith Jarrett?

  27. I agree..sometimes I have to stop watching slideshows because the music really ruins the photos…but Vivian Maier..what a great photogapher and what a great story of how her work was found!

  28. Awesome discovery !

  29. perfect……

  30. GabrielleNeeliene Reply July 12, 2012 at 6:29 am

    When I see these pictures I get so curious about the stories behind it. But there are too many to even know.

  31. I wonder what went on in her head? Did she ever have a boyfriend or a significant other. She was very personal and employers said she never had not a phone call, or friend : (
    95% of herlifes work,cameras,clothes, video tapes,audio recordings etc auctioned off for $400 + dollars cause she couldnt pay her locker fee. Thanks to Mr. Maloof the young guy who is championing her work. Imagine it all being lost.
    My fav is the one w/ the girl in a white dress and the 57 Chevy in Miami.

  32. Really great photography…isn’t that Keith Jarret at the piano?

  33. just love these

  34. Absolutely love this slide show. An amazing photographer with a keen eye.
    Now, tell us about the background music. Love that too.

  35. i feel exactl the same way. going next week to the nearent big city…melbourne with my new camera and lenses and see if i can even get anything…of course i will never reach this standard but it is inspriing isn’t it?

  36. she. was. a genius. period.

  37. pritchardsorensen Reply July 12, 2012 at 10:12 am

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  38. Wonderful ;O)

  39. A remarkable trip back in time showing real people’s lives. The photographs + perfectly appropriate music contributed to my poignant feeling. Despite the messages from Hollywood, TV, and advertisements, most people’s lives are not glamorous.

  40. WoW what an amazing artist! She should be recognized!

  41. I just learned of all of this tonight on the CBS evening news. And it is all so very exciting. It is if some pulitzer prize winning photographer has been discovered. It is like time has been frozen and we are just now allowed to peer back in time. This is all so incredible and I want to thank the beautiful young man who is working to bring it all to us. God bless him.

  42. This is THE most amazing thing ever. We are studying Vivian Maier at Birmingham City University in the UK, for our Photography as Research module for our MA program. What a talented woman, some really special pictures. 

  43. The work is wonderful. I am writing to urge you to develop her color work at the same pace, at least, at which you’re developing her black and white pictures. I am sure it will be just as compelling, if not more revealing.

  44. I, too, thank you for the enormous effort it must be taking to scan and catalog this collection. IT IS WORTH IT. Vivian Mayer was a gifted photographer with a remarkable eye, and her work should be shared.

  45. garbage

  46. I commend you on the effort undertaken here. As a longtime photojournalist who has studied all the masters, Ms. Maier’s work is as compelling as any. I have no doubt when you complete your archiving, you will find her best photos to be easily comparable of Cartier-Bresson, Frank, Winogrand, Friedlander, Levitt, Lange, Eggleston, etc. Please do not despair as you log these long, seemingly endless hours, there will be generations of people who will appreciate what you are doing today. Thank you.

  47. this is a huge discovery. she is as good as it gets.

  48. I think the music’s absolutely spot on. Thank you for using music that is so in character with her and her photos.

  49. yasminthequeenbee Reply July 12, 2012 at 3:00 pm

    beautiful works, they are amazing! and whats up with the song? can you choose a better one? 

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