What is it? 2 – Close up picture quiz game HD (Family Quiz)

www.bumrock.co.uk Play now ! Close up picture quiz game of nature and wildlife photo images in HD. What is it? 2 is a fun picture puzzle game for all of the family. To test your knowledge simply guess the pictures from the close up images. Photo quiz images may be anything from nature and wildlife, such as animals, flowers, etc. Don’t forget to ‘pause’ the close up puzzle picture if you want longer than 5 seconds per image. For more ‘What is it?’ picture game videos and HD slideshows of flowers, nature and wildlife fine art photography visit my channel and website.

This is a behind the scenes glimpse on the set of a Chase Jarvis Photo Shoot. This video documents a recent shoot produced as personal work intended to create fresh and original images for use in promoting www.chasejarvis.com and for revealing “behing the scenes” as a part of Chase’ photography blog at www.chasejarvis.com

24 Responses to “What is it? 2 – Close up picture quiz game HD (Family Quiz)”

  1. hasselblad 

  2. very nice! talent and  “”money”” this is the secret of a great movie!

  3. What’s the camera Chase is using?

  4. freestylefilmsinc Reply July 22, 2012 at 2:57 pm

    how did he get green pocket wizzards

  5. I love it man!

  6. …really?

  7. why u mother fuckers show females in bikini. why u always try to show flesh of female to attract viewers…..u don’t have any respect for female?

  8. Its called a Pocket Wizard. It’s for remotely triggering the flash units etc.

  9. might be a daft question but what is the thing attached to the top of his camera?

  10. oooo sneaky ninjaaa

  11. lachelleflockfxc Reply July 22, 2012 at 5:45 pm

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  12. Very informative for a newbie like me. I also get some good pointers from thephotographyclinic (.) com

  13. what camera is he using???

  14. Avathar – This is very good movie Watch FULL MOVIEDS DOWNLOADED HERE: –>> freemovie bo nanza. cOM

  15. The hasselblad, shockingly distracted me from the fucking ninjas…x)p

  16. Chase, I like your work.
    BUT – have you ever seen a Ninja movie? Ninjas are supposed to be hidden, dark, mysterious, unobtrusive, sneaky…
    Your Ninjas look like an idea from Paris Hiltons dog.

  17. Chase, like your work.
    But – have you ever seen a Ninja movie? Ninjas are supposed to be hidden, dark, mysterious, unobtrusive, sneaky…
    Your Ninjas are designed by Paris Hiltons dog.

  18. Hasselbald

  19. Thank you so much for the video, I would really like if you will give more details for photographers as well. Thank you so much I subscribe to your channel, trying to be a photographer as well.

  20. A hassleblad h3

  21. what kind of camera is he using for this shoot? just out of curosity…

  22. Dang… Thats so awesome!

  23. cool!!!!

  24. We were! I was sooo exhausted I got sick for a couple weeks after 🙁 But it was so worth it!

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