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Improve Your Shots With This Photography Advice

Photography Course – The Camera: Different kinds of digital cameras – Lesson 1 Read more

Creating Your Own Work Of Art: Photography Ideas And Inspiration

Pole Aerial Photography Camera Rig Front View Read more

Develop Your Photography Skills With These Simple Ideas!

Dale Earnhardt Jr. at 1/250th of a second. Read more

Digital Image Transfer: Creating Art with Your Photography

Digital Image Transfer: Creating Art with Your Photography Ellen G. Horovitz, an inspiring artist and teacher, guides readers through imaginative photo projects that transform cherished analog and digital images into works of art. Horovitz expands on traditional photo transfer, taking it to an entirely new level using digital software techniques Read more

High-Speed Photography Tutorial with Splashes and Flashes

GO HERE: www.photoextremist.com In this high-speed photography tutorial, you will learn how to freeze the motion of water splashes by using external flashes, a fish tank, and an object of your choice. Read more

How to Take STUNNING Food Pictures – Food Photography Tips – SGNL by Sony

For more on Sony’s Point-and-Shoot and DSLR cameras: store.sony.com Learn how to take pictures that make food look real enough to eat! Everybody is sharing pictures of their meals these days. That’s why we brought in a professional food photographer to show you the secret tips and techniques behind beautiful cookbooks and food blogs. Read more

From Polaroids To Pocket Cameras: General Photography Ideas

Photography books that have helped. Image by Greh Fox These are my photography books that I purchased some time back. All have been rather useful towards this hobby of mine. I’m looking to purchase more of such books, have any to recommend? Photo went through E-6 on C-41 cross processing. Best viewed LARGE and on […] Read more

From Polaroids To Pocket Cameras: General Photography Ideas

Angel kiss Read more

Portrait Lighting for Photography and Video!

There are several lighting positions that photographers have developed over the years. People like George Hurrell, who used tungsten to shoot stars, used these lighting positions. Learn to identify what a butterfly or Rembrandt light is. Knowing these positions, and where the light placed to create them, will help you see how photographers light Read more

Erik Johansson: Impossible photography

www.ted.com Erik Johansson creates realistic photos of impossible scenes — capturing ideas, not moments. In this witty how-to, the Photoshop wizard describes the principles he uses to make these fantastical scenarios come to life, while keeping them visually plausible.TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from Read more
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